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Men's soft-shell jacket

  Style:1CF8303 & 1CF8303A

Price:  340.00

Minimum order quantity: 200 pieces

Colour:Colour: Black, Peony Blue
Size:Size: S, M, L, XL, 2XL, 3XL
Ngredients:Ingredients: Surface layer: 100% polyester fiber (except membrane), bottom layer: 100% polyester fiber.


Waterproof, windproof, warm, breathable and tensile

1. The elastic fabric used in the whole garment ensures the degree of freedom of movement.
2. The surface layer is waterproof, oil-resistant, wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant.
3. Bottom quality velvet, wind-proof and warm-keeping, anti-static.
4. High-collar windproof cap, elastic adjusting button of cap mouth, tighten to prevent cold air from pouring in.
5. Anti-scratch paste design at the top of the zipper to prevent skin scratch by the zipper.
6. YKK zipper, international quality, durable, with anti-skid pendant, smooth use.
7. Unilateral chest pocket, night light reflective strip decoration, laser cutting indentation technology.
8. Hand pockets with zippers on both sides are designed to facilitate the placement of items.
9. Sleeve knitting elastic Lycra adjustment, moderate tightness, effective blocking of cold air.
10.1CF8303A left sleeve is printed with NORTHERN SUN brand.

1CF8303 & 1CF8303A Size table             Unit: CM